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Re: Mages

#21 Post by ferranifer » Thu Dec 12, 2013 12:03 pm

Shouldn't we consider:
- What would happen to the Scribes if no Mages were allowed to be Scribes anymore? Sounds like a death sentence; the opposite to what the Scribes need at the moment.
- How would new mages come to be? What would be the funnel into the Mage guild? Future aspirants now at least have the possibility to build onto something (Alch/Scribe) while they are waiting. And it's a long, long, loooooong wait.
- What do upcoming mages do in the game if they lose access to all those services?

I'd be wary of introducing new elements that separate mages from the rest of the game even more than what they already are right now. This can easily backfire when mages have noone else to interact with than other mages (ahem, I mean even more than they already do). Mage players are notorious for not being around much. I can easily see this turning into requiring the stablishment of a new Mage-y location (which could work) or Mages suddenly having to do magery talk in pubs (which shouldn't really happen). Or *shudder* Asador becoming the new capital city of knowledge of Forostar.

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Re: Mages

#22 Post by Drayn » Thu Dec 12, 2013 12:29 pm

To be honest, I think if we're wanting the dynamic of evil/rogue mages to develop, the Mages Guild shouldn't be a guild in the usual sense. Becoming a mage should be independent of being a member of the guild. The guild should be comprised of the official and respected mages that govern each other and keep tabs on the mage community, but it would be nice for rogue mages to develop outside of the guilds supervision.

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Re: Mages

#23 Post by Zehren » Thu Dec 12, 2013 11:00 pm

fernao wrote:Nice idea.


Would like to hear a definitive statement from Admin/Wizards about the standing of mages and gods. If only for the clerical players amoung us. Might be a bit different depening on the God you serve or worship, you know...
I would not like to hear any definitive statement on that, as it would disrupt a lot of potential for IC debate. Rest assured I will personally greatly enjoy it if Zehren(the-not-mage-but-dabbling-in-public) is burned on the pyre as a heretic if the roleplay leading up to it is consistent and good.
Drayn wrote:Zehren, the Karmassassin!

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