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A few things for those new

Are you a Newbie and need some help? Or are you a seasoned player and have tips for newbies? Post here!

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A few things for those new

Postby adanath » Fri Feb 22, 2013 2:52 pm

1.) Remember to make use of the help files.

When starting out a character a lot of times you are feeling out what direction to go with them, takie into mind context and history, develop a story for your character that fits in game, it will enhance the world for you.

help guilds
help races (help elf, help human, help tshahark etc)
help gods
help combat
help karma
help reputation
help alignment

Reading these will really help you understand the world you are trying to immerse in, I realize it is a little reading but it will help you a lot in the long run. Also remember the help files list related topics at the bottom.

2.) Remember that this is a roleplay mud, so use the newbie line to ask OOC questions, there are many players willing to help you!

3.) Immerse yourself into this context of reality, it is not the same as our world. There are gods, there is no question, there is magic, realize it and treat it so :)

4.) If you want to meet people be patient and stay around what look like meeting places (town marketplaces, crossings)

5.) Do not be afraid to ask for help ic or ooc

6.) Introduce yourself to NPC's and PC's alike, jus tby exploring you can find many people that need "help" even if they don't you can still ask them and find out if they do.

7.) Think through the quests or things you take upon yourself, if a quest leads you to a den of wargs and hobgoblins or trolls, better get some takes a while to build your char.

8.) The skills you learn depend on your action. So if you want to be a great ranger focus on your character doing "ranger-like" activities, it is as simple as that.

9.) If you feel something unfair happens, mail the player arch or a wizard. Things happen! Don't get too upset sometimes things that seem really negative can be used for great fun in roleplay opportunities

10.) You are going to die many times! Accept it, love that there are gods that are still willing to ressurect you for it, and pay them back for it!

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Re: A few things for those new

Postby luminier » Fri Feb 22, 2013 3:03 pm

adanath wrote:10.) You are going to die many times! Accept it, love that there are gods that are still willing to ressurect you for it, and pay them back for it!

I can't stress this enough. AND ROLEPLAY DEATH, GOD DAMMIT.
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