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Re: Maps

Postby fernao » Sat Sep 24, 2016 12:19 pm

Wouldn't know how to do that and yet pertain all the information especially the zoom functionality due to the sheer size of the displayed area.

Feel free to convert them yourself though. ;)
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Re: Maps

Postby Israfel » Mon Nov 06, 2017 8:16 am

Hi all

I recently started playing Geas and lurking the forums here for useful info. The discussion here caught my interest as I had wondered about some of the same things Ferranifer mentioned (unique room IDs etc) when I first started. I still am wondering, how do other players get around in Geas? Do people generally use their own recorded walks/runs, aliases etc? Or use the 'follow road west' type functionality? (Alternatively if unique room IDs exits and I just haven't found them yet I would love to know)

Adding to the earlier posts though, having come from playing a MUD for a long time that had all the mapping functionality handed to newbies at the start, my first impression of Geas was a bit like going back in time to my first mudding experience of mentally 'mapping' where things are and getting my bearings that way. It certainly has made me not want to wander out too far from Arborea to start with. Honestly, I both like and dislike that at the same time:
Like because = mystery of mapless mudding, thoughtful exploration, slower pace, nostalgia
Dislike because = accessibility, user friendliness, functionality, not to mention the first impression factor for retaining new players.

Anyway, I'm a Mushclient user. That's what I'm used to. I'm not much of a scripter but I've been tinkering around with a way to help me keep my bearings in Geas. For now, it's a rough 'coordinates' plugin that creates 'artificial' (because it's basically a guess) latitude, longitude and altitude based on which direction I move and how 'far' I travel.

Here's a sample:
Starting with coordinates X Y Z of 0, 0, 0 (ie the center point).
It will change based on info like "You travel a medium distance west."

So first it gives 'medium' distance a value of say "0.4", like this:

distance = {
["medium"] = 0.4,

Then sets out how each direction should impact the coordinates. So for west it will be:

direction = {
west = { x = -1, y = 0, z = 0},

Then it's just distance x direction and (0,0,0) becomes (-0.4,0,0)

Now I know this is imperfect and it will be incorrect often. For example, when sneaking there is no "You travel a medium distance.." message. However, it has helped me with the general idea of keeping my bearings.

I attempted to use the coordinates to create room uids and it goes OK in simple areas. I expect it would be too much trouble in more complex areas though. Here's a snapshot of me mapping a few rooms around western Arborea with it:


(If you look closely you'll see errors even in this simple experiment with it. It also displays really wonky because of all the types of exits I tried to have it recognise :P )

If any fellow MUSHclient users are interested in the above I'm happy to share. Still tinkering.
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Re: Maps

Postby Delia » Tue Nov 07, 2017 3:32 am


Using stacked commands to move, while not explicitly forbidden, is frowned upon. Mainly because it makes you quite safe and immune to many things that might happen along the way. Discourteous, I would say. But this is just my opinion :)

I personally use follow road. It is mighty fine.

As for maps I habitually map everything and have memorized most of the maps. I tend not to use them and go from memory unless pressed for time. Not remembering every nook and cranny 110% makes your play and character less robotic for me and leaves room for some scholarly absentmindedness too :)
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Re: Maps

Postby Arsicas » Tue Nov 07, 2017 1:42 pm

I tend to just picture things mentally, though I've made maps of certain areas (usually those that are particularly confusing) that I will consult. I haven't ever seriously played a mud with a mapping feature though, so it's kind of what I'm used to. Actually, making my own maps of areas is kind of fun, and I will sometimes come across things I didn't notice originally. :)

I'll usually use the follow road feature for long stretches like Arborea to Elvandar. And the 'walk' command was recently added that lets you follow a certain path as long as you are able. I have some routes memorized (like the way to Gwen's hut) so that the commands just kind of come automatically.
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