Combat/Encounter Roles

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Combat/Encounter Roles

#1 Post by Olrane » Tue Oct 24, 2017 5:33 pm

I love specialists. They are the backbone to an interesting economy, I believe.

In order to promote team play and specialization, I think it’s important to have the ability to gain skills that strongly advance a given role in a team setting.

An incomplete list of roles follows:
Melee striker - light armour offensive: Rangers, Shaolin, Templars, Assassins, pikers, etc.
Melee area damage - spin and backswing fighters, shaolin spin specialists
Melee defender -clerics of Asral, Crusade
Melee bruiser - clerics of Asral, Crusade
Melee controller - Shaos, disarmers
Ranged striker - archers (Rangers and other missile experts)
Support (buffs) - Skalds, Mages, clerics
Healer - cleric of Taniel and Sathonys
Magic area damage - clerics of Taniel, Mages
Magic striker - clerics, Mages
Traps/locks expert - thieves
Lore/language expert -scribes
Scout/spy - Rangers, thieves

Some of these need a little help (and other roles could or should exist).

What are your thoughts on promoting specialization that will lead to meaningful dependence on other roles to tackle team content?

What kinds of content (rewards especially) do you think would incentivize difficult, multifaceted challenges?

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