The culture of discussing our IG actions OOC

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The culture of discussing our IG actions OOC

#1 Post by Delia » Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:17 am


Just thinking that talking with other people OOC could make many parts of the game more enjoyable for every party involved. It mainly feels that there are many desires that do not meet and an equal amount of misunderstandings.

We could use the OOC board for announcing our activity and plans and people interested could answer. You could setup terms for PvP and art basics for RP. Create barebones for a scenario that you play out with other people.

Because you kinda want other people when you do anything. If you raid a place it is kinda dull if no one is there and nobody reacts(like it was with Elvandar). Making an event of it where people could participate could make people to show up and care.

Post OOC: we are coming to raise hell at your gates. Anyone interested in butting heads? Answer and we can setup the basics.

You could also make more general announcements.

Delia is scouring the north for signs of Order and Sathonite activity. I am primarily looking for RP and some skirmish if it goes to that but I am open for anything. PvP at your leisure.

All the tools we need already exist.

Unless we want a second OOC board which could be a "storyboard" or somesuch.
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