MUSHclient plugins for GEAS

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MUSHclient plugins for GEAS

#1 Post by Israfel » Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:09 am

I've mentioned before on the forums that I'm a bit of a MUSHclient fan ( I know everyone has their own favourite mud client and all that but I also know that when you're starting on a new mud, having a few basic tools that fit the mud your playing really helps.

Anyway, I'm really new to writing scripts. But I've been tinkering around with a couple of basic MUSHclient plugins (scripts) that I'd like to share on the forums here for a few reasons:
1. Encourage more people to check it out as a client
2. Make plugin content transparent and visible to all players (and mods) in a relevant place
3. Share/contribute/improve on ideas

A query though (more for mods probably) is where should things like this be stored? I can happily dump the full script into a forum post but that's a bit spammy and it's then up to the reader to copy, paste, save as xml, and add as a plugin to get it going. If there's a better spot, like a wiki, happy to have them uploaded. :)

Plugin #1 - Vitals Gauge Mini-Window
It's exactly what it sounds like, takes the descriptions of your health, mental, fatigue and stamina and plonks them into a miniwindow with gauges and estimated numerical values. Window is the click and drag type that will basically hover wherever you want it.

Required game settings:
toggle line-length max
toggle prompt none
toggle statusinfo always
Plugin #2 - Vote for GEAS reminder and quick-vote alias

I'm particularly chuffed over this one and hope a lot more people start using it. This gives you a reminder in your client window to vote for GEAS on the three sites: mud connector, top mud sites, and mudverse.
Typing 'xvote' opens up a new tab to each of the voting sites in your web browser, meaning all you need to do then is click the "VOTE" button to confirm. Once you hit xvote the reminder resets to a timer of 13 hours (top mud sites allows a vote every 12 hours, TMC every 24, this pretty much works for both).
The reminder works according to the real time so it doesn't get mucked up by logging off, shutting down etc. When you start up GEAS again it'll figure out whether you can vote or what time it should resume the timer at. Once I get around to it, I'll make the reminder window itself a hyperlink so you'll be able to click that instead of typing 'xvote' if you wish.

Until I find somewhere to put the scripts, just contact me through the forums if you're interested. :)
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