Clickable action bar buttons

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Clickable action bar buttons

#1 Post by Israfel » Mon Oct 01, 2018 1:43 am


I'm back with more stuff for MUSHclient.

Latest thing is a bunch of clickable buttons for abilities and attacks to complement the map and health bar plugins. Current layout is looking like this:
Not totally smooth and polished but I think it's looking pretty cool now with the buttons running along the top. And I've modified the health bars to run via GMCP now so it's much more reliable.

What do those buttons do? You click 'em and they send an action to the mud just like you had typed it. After you click it, you can set it to show a 'cooldown' timer too if you want to visually indicate a recovery period.

I play an Asral Warpriest so I've currently got them set up for casting miracles but you could really turn them into anything you wanted including physical attacks, casting spells, eating/drinking, or even setting longer recover timers for reminders like preaching, practising your fishing skills, digging a hole, drinking a beer etc.

The buttons are represented by icons that I just grabbed online (think they're warcraft 3 icons actually :lol: ) but you can use any PNG or BMP file for them. When you hover your mouse over you get a little tooltip. In this one I've set it to tell me the name of the miracle (Refreshing Breeze) and the time it will take to request that miracle (14 seconds).
After you click it you get one countdown timer for the request of the miracle.

And after you have cast it I've set it up to modify the recovery again to show how long Refreshing Breeze will likely last (4 minutes). If it expires during that time I've set up a trigger to override that recovery timer.
If you try to click that button during recovery, it's set to not allow it! But if you want to override it just SHIFT + CLICK the button and it'll clear the recovery.

As always, anyone interested can contact me for the whole bunch. I'm attempting to get it set up in a pre-setup MUSHclient zip file so all you need to do is open it up and away you go. Would be great to have the file hosted on geas homepage rather than the forums though as I'm not sure many newbie find their way here.

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Re: Clickable action bar buttons

#2 Post by Arsicas » Mon Oct 01, 2018 12:19 pm

Cool. :)
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