Geas Custom MUSHclient Package

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Geas Custom MUSHclient Package

#1 Post by Israfel » Sat Oct 27, 2018 12:15 am

(Updated 6 October 2019: New version of the client is now available with more plugins and fixes. Notable changes include the addition of a Soundpack for ambient and combat sounds, and a preconfigured version of the client for VI players. The VI version should be compatible with screenreaders)

Hi all

I have packaged up a customised version of MUSHclient to be pre-configured for Geas. Essentially it is a package that includes the current latest version of MUSHclient (available here: for free) as well as a pre-configured world file for Geas and a few plugins.

This package includes the following plugins:
1. GMCP Handler (back-end script that supplies data to other plugins)
2. GMCP Auto-Mapper (described here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2679)
3. GMCP Visual Vitals Bars (described here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2658)
4. Geas Voting Reminder (described here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2658)
5. Chat Miniwindow (described here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2689)
6. Clickable Action Bar Icons (viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2687)
7. Geas Soundpack (Ambient, Combat, Communication sounds, Combat music ( ...
8. Custom Colour Formatter (expands setcolour options, required for SoundPack)
9. Status Handler (handles some GMCP variables, sends abbreviated text updates when hp, mana, stamina, fatigue changes)
10. Map Marker (gives you the ability to add notes and bookmarks to rooms)
12. Mushreader, Capture MUD Output, Output Functions plugins (for VI version only)
13. A few additional utilities including one that lets you move and resize your main output window.

This is an early attempt to package it all up for easy distribution. There are going to be a few bugs. If/when you find them please report them to me here on the forums or on Slack.

Three versions are now available and one additonal optional download:

You can DOWNLOAD THE CUSTOM CLIENT from dropbox here:

Client with sounds (224MB download): ...

VI client with sounds (224MB download, contains mushreader): ... fHrga?dl=0

Non_sound version (6MB download): ...

Combat Music Soundpack (optional, 1GB download): ...

Standalone plugin files (not necessary for download, listed for bug fixes or if you need to get a clean version of a certain plugin): ... n1DJa?dl=0

1. download the entire zip file (6.1mb)
2. unzip to your desired location
3. If you’re installing the optional soundpack, just replace your Mushclient\sounds\combatmusic folder with the downloaded folder of the same name, then restart your client.
4. run the MUSHclient.exe in the MUSHclient folder

Upgrading or changing from an existing MUSHclient world:
5. run the steps above and run the new custom Mushclient
6. a Geas world will automaticall open
7. Got to File\Import.. or hit Ctrl+Alt+I
8. Select the tickboxes for what you want to import (eg aliases, triggers etc)
9. Import from: (click File), now locate your old world file in your old Mushclient\worlds folder (eg Geas.MCL)
10. Click load.
11. Add any plugins you want to bring over by going to the plugin manager (Ctrl+Shift+P) and adding them

Bring across an existing map database:
12. Locate the 'geas.de_3334' file in your old mushclient directory. Copy that into the new installation, replacing any existing file of the same name

1. A Geas World file should load automatically prompting you to sign in
2. I highly recommend utilizing the quick-login feature which can be set up in the Game\Configure...\Connecting menu
3. Many plugins require colourset changes. This will configure your coloursets with the MUD but give you more options to change them to a variety of colours of style. If you wish to use the communication miniwindow and the soundpacks, you MUST run the colour formatter by typing 'xsetcolour setup'
4. The Icon Bar is a default set of clickable buttons. They're there as an example. Instructions on how to modify this are in the plugin xml file. This can be edited in most text editors and also from within MUSHclient.
5. The following helpfiles are available for the plugins:
Xsound help : sound manager
Xcolour help : colour settings and formatter
Mapper help : GMCP mapper
Xmark help : map marker and notes
Xfish help : secret quest

Map or Vitals GMCP troubleshooting:
Occasionally you might log in and find that the GMCP startup sequence runs but you get no data flowing for the map or health bars. There are a few troubleshooting options for this but the easiest fix is just to reconnect to the mud and let it run again. 99% of the time this will fix it.

Message me with any issues on the forums or on the Geas slack group.

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Re: Geas Custom MUSHclient Package

#2 Post by Israfel » Sun Oct 06, 2019 6:12 am

Updated 6 October 2019: The post above has been modified for the release of a new version of the Geas Client with more plugins and fixes. Notable changes include the addition of a Soundpack for ambient and combat sounds, a preconfigured version of the client for VI players, and FISH LIFE. The VI version should be compatible with screenreaders. Enjoy :)

The old version is also still available here: ...


15 Oct 2019 - Fixed a few bugs occuring with the colour formatter and with client-side highlighting triggers interferring with line detection. Download links have been updated to include new versions and an extra link has been listed in the above post to updated plugin files. This update, Geas_Combat_Formatter_5 was updated. Available from ... n1DJa?dl=0
5 November 2019 - The VI version had a malfunctioning preferences file that meant it didn't auto install the plugins properly. This is now fixed in the download link. Apoligies to anyone who was put off by this issue.
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Re: Geas Custom MUSHclient Package

#3 Post by Tresnog » Mon Oct 07, 2019 12:52 am

Just wanted to drop a quick reply to say thanks for putting this together. I've been using this since I got back into Geas recently and it's made the experience much more enjoyable. :)

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Re: Geas Custom MUSHclient Package

#4 Post by ferranifer » Fri Oct 18, 2019 7:21 am

This is ridiculously awesome! Thank you so much for building it!

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Re: Geas Custom MUSHclient Package

#5 Post by ceinna » Sat Aug 15, 2020 10:38 pm

Hey - anyone have any ideas why I can't get the communication plug in to work?

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Re: Geas Custom MUSHclient Package

#6 Post by Israfel » Sun Aug 16, 2020 5:00 am

Here's how to get the chat window working.

1. Make sure you have the chats miniwindow plugin installed.
2. Setup the capture (colour triggers) by typing 'chats setup'
3. Make sure you have the formatter plugin installed. It might be called 'combat lines' or 'colour formatter' from memory.
4. Set these capture triggers with 'xsetcolour setup'

Now, the colours are set to a default colourset that you may not like. Good news is you can change all these colours to anything you want, as long as you use the following method to do it.

First, to see all the colours you can choose for foreground and background type:
'chats coloursets'

To view what they're currently set to type:
xcolour combat (for combat)
xcolour communication (for comms)
.. and the same for spells, miracles, rooms and misc

To modify the colour line type you would do "xcolour <type> <foreground colour> <background colour> <style>. For example to change "communication_201 : You ask someone" to red bold text on black background:

'xcolour communication_201 red, black, 1'

Hopefully that all works for you. I'm writing those commands from memory though so if you have any issues let me know. :)

Edit: Editted to correct the command syntax above
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Re: Geas Custom MUSHclient Package

#7 Post by ceinna » Sun Aug 16, 2020 10:11 am

Awesome! Thanks a ton! I'm kinda clueless on this whole change stuff thing - I just play the character!

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Re: MUSHclient Package, Colours

#8 Post by Brand » Sun Aug 16, 2020 8:34 pm

When I enter 'xcolour communication_201 red black 1' I get a return of 'What?'
Comm window works, combat returns are the 'YOU... Hit enemy', etc and everything seems to be working as intended. The Only issue I am having is changing the colour setup for specific types.
Any ideas?

Thanks for putting this together. It has really enhanced the play. I wasnt so sure about the sounds, but man they are fun!


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Re: Geas Custom MUSHclient Package

#9 Post by ila » Sun Aug 16, 2020 10:04 pm

I don't use it but a brief glance at the regex suggests it wants comma+spaces between the options.

Maybe 'xcolour communication_201 red, black, 1' will work?

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Re: Geas Custom MUSHclient Package

#10 Post by Israfel » Wed Aug 19, 2020 10:49 pm

Thanks Ila. It's the commas that were missing sorry.

For anyone having issues with setting colours. The proper command syntax and the various options you can use are described in the script helpfile 'xcolour help'.

Also pasted here for reference:

Code: Select all

                  Geas Formatter by Israfel

This plugin extends the functionality of the setcolor option on Geas.
It is essential for using ambient and combat sounds and a number of
other functions. This plugin also gives you the ability to specify
setcolor options from a greater range of colours that mushclient can
provide. Use via the following commands:

     xsetcolour setup      Setup setcolour options (note: this will 
                           override your existing setcolor options)
     xcolour <option>      Read custom colour settings for <combat|communication|
     xcolours              Print the colours to select from

To change a colour, you can choose from any colour in the Mushclient colour picker.
     Ctrl + Alt + P        View the colour picker

To change a colour, the syntax is:
     xcolour <option> <foreground>, <background>, <style>

     <option> is something like combat_10 or communication_203
     <foreground> and <background> are names of colours in the colour picker such as limegreen or crimson
     <style> is a number that can be added for combinations according to this table:
1 = bold
2 = underline
4 = blink (italic)
8 = inverse
32 = strike-through
For example, a style of 3 will be bold and underline, a style of 4 will be italics.

     xcolour combat_12 red, blue, 3

Other functionality:
     xcombat simple        Toggles simple tags to combat lines
     xcombat normal        Toggles normal combat lines

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