Several newbie RP questions

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Several newbie RP questions

#1 Post by Crosis » Mon Jan 19, 2015 12:26 pm

1. Crosis is human and 16 years old. I guess I assumed that in real life a 16 year old is still a teenager, so I tend to RP Crosis more or less like I acted when I was 16, a typical teenager. But in Geas, is 16 considered an adult for humans? I guess what about the elves and other races, what is the age they are considered adults?
2. I also RP him as being an orphan who came to Geas on a boat. I know probably not very creative, but with a first character there is already a ton of things to learn and this kind of gives me the time to concentrate on that. Is that plausible or is Geas the only known continent?
3. What about Gods, are they strict about their beliefs or more flexible? What I mean is, being an orphan and a street kid I like to give spare coins to Volog in Arborea, which I would assume is a Taniel thing. Crosis is definitely not what you would think of a Taniel worshiper though, being rough around the edges and all. Is it ok to not follow any god, but still do things that would fall under their dogma or would it anger Taniel that I help beggars but then murder gremlins?

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Re: Several newbie RP questions

#2 Post by Delia » Mon Jan 19, 2015 3:04 pm

1) I think all player characters start as "adolescents" of their respective races. I do not remember any exact numbers as they are not documented anywhere(I think). There was a forum discussion about it once if I remember correctly.

2) There is atleast one known other continent in the lore and some off shore areas have been added to the game. So to answer question two, your character can have a background from somewhere else than Forostar(the name of the northern land, the continent which is the game area). A quick read through the web site world files will give you some basic information.

It would be best not to get too thoroughly imaginative with any off continent stories though, unless you are prepared to be branded as a liar or a lunatic ;) Can get messy.

3)Godly questions are best solved IC, as it can be much, much more fun and involved to talk with a priest and give a priest character a chance to influence your character's immortal soul :)

A quick rundown of the gods
Taniel, law and order, good
Evren, life and creation, good
Gwen, love and passion, nice
Zhakrin, balance, neutral
Asral, war and death in battle, slightly nasty but mostly neutral
Lilith, chaos and darkness, evil
Sathonys, death and destruction, evil

Good gods do not care if you kill evil creatures and vice versa. In most cases common sense is good enough to determine what is evil and what not. There might be some gray areas and few surprises though.

Being nice and doing good deeds and opposing evil generally brings you closer to the good gods and doing the opposite casts your lot with the lowest of the low.
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Re: Several newbie RP questions

#3 Post by Aslak » Mon Jan 19, 2015 6:58 pm

Gods to not...or at least extremely seldom on Forostar, you won't have to fear any punishment from them.
For their priests, there is a lot of varity. Some are extremly strict, others are a lot more open for other views and opinions. You will best find out by speaking with them.

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Re: Several newbie RP questions

#4 Post by ferranifer » Mon Jan 19, 2015 8:25 pm

There is at least three more continents which have been proved to exist. One of them is the original land of the humans, which is now supposedly ravaged by the insects. Another one is a big unknown (at least nothing official) but there is proof in the game of it's existence, and also that it sports a technological level at least equivalent to that of Forostar.

Besides that, the Arborean harbour mentions Westernis, I quote:

" Those dragonships are from Westernis, an island somewhere to the west of
Forostar but the way to it is kept secret by its inhabitants. Some of the
dragonships need to be repaired before they can set sail again. "

It also mentions Shadizar, quote:

" Those galleys are from Shadizar, an exotic continent to the south. They
contain hundreds of rowing slaves and rumours say that those ships
oftentimes improve their profits by doing a bit of piracy - and of course

I personally imagine Westernis as some sort of barbaric sword&sorcery land and Shadizar as some sort of Arabian/African continent, but that's just me with no proof to support it.

Either Westernis or Shadizar might be the unknown continent I mentioned, or it might be an entirely different place, though I lean towards thinking it is in fact Shadizar due to some of the available info about it.

So, recapping:
* Insect-ravaged old human land
* Westernis
* Shadizar (which I think is also the mysterious land)

Not much to work with, but as long as you're not super precise, it should be enough to make a character from either Shadizar or Westernis. For example, you could be a escaped slave from a Shadizar galley, or the son of a slave trader, looking for a life of adventure out of his father's trade. Or a secretive outlander from Westernis trying to learn the costumes of this new strange "Forostar" continent.

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Re: Several newbie RP questions

#5 Post by Eluriel » Tue Jan 20, 2015 2:41 am

Yes, all characters start at adolescence I believe. Elves start at age 90, which is adolescence for them (there was a nice link somewhere about elven aging). I imagine humans age the same as they do in real life, though most of the other races are more long-lived.

Apart from the continents mentioned (Hey, I never paid that much attention to the Arborean harbor...), there's also Ormian, which is an unpopulated island, so not really a continent in of itself. I've made a character from an unnamed other continent as well, so it shouldn't be too unusual to have a character from "elsewhere."

I'd ask followers if you have particular questions about any of the gods. Certain actions will offend some of them, it just depends on what. That will mostly just affect your favour with them though. If you don't follow any god, your favour isn't too important, though it may affect which NPC clerics will help you. Also keep in mind that if you raise your favour with a certain god too much (usually by sacrificing to them or listening to sermons) you will be drawn to follow them.

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Re: Several newbie RP questions

#6 Post by luminier » Tue Jan 20, 2015 3:03 am

You can RP anything you want within reason. Is it entirely impossible you came here from another island as an orphan? Not really.

Maybe you're wrong, maybe you're right. All you know is that is what you think happened. So thats what you say happened. That isn't all that unlikely. You are just some kid, maybe your parents put you on a boat from Forostar to die because they didn't want you, and you washed up on shore.

As for Taniel, "help taniel" doesn't help much unfortunately. But Taniel doesn't mind if you murder as long as you aren't murdering good or neutral people. Anything a lawful good DnD character would do is pretty much "good" for Taniel. If you help beggars, thats great, taniel loves that.

If you want to learn more about a god, try to hang around a city where that god is based in. Asral or Sathonys or Lilith or Gwen, stay in Arborea. Taniel or Evren, try Elvandar. Post up on the public boards saying you are some orphan kid who doesn't know anything and you want to learn, people will inform you I am sure.

Hope that helps friendo!

much love poLumi
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Re: Several newbie RP questions

#7 Post by anglachel » Mon Feb 02, 2015 10:15 am

All characters start at the edge between child and adult of their race. This means, it is the age there the character is yet full responsible for all his/her deeds. This is the sight of the law. It your choice to play the characters more are teenager or more as adult. Both would for the starting age

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