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I am writing this on behalf of Symae.
She isn't able to create an account here, and Turian hasn't been active to assist her.
***END OF OOC***

***Eleven years ago***

To: The Brownstone housing adoption agency

To whom this may concern,

My name is MRS. Thornbrook, and I and my husband have written you several letters about the child we had adopted.
At the time of her adoption, we were not made aware of her half-elven bloodline.

If myself and my husband were made aware that she was half elf and human, we would not have adopted her.
My husband nore myself believes in raising a child with a filthy bloodline.
This is an absolute disgrace to the elven race, and we will have no part of it!

Being that you have not returned any of our letters, or have made any attempt to contact us, this is a letter letting you know that we have placed this child on a ship by herself to Forostar.
At the time of this letter, she has reached ten years in age.
Due to her appearance, we had investigated her bloodline and were appalled to find out she was not pure elven.
We now, or will we ever care from this point on the state of this child.
We ask that you do not contact us further. We have attached all adoption records of this child back to your agency and have given up all privlidges to her.
Frankly, perhaps someone will take mercy and take her out of this world with little to no pain in the process.

If you've forgotten what she looks like and her name, I will give you the details as follows...

Symae is the child's name.
She has chestnut colored hair, and is very sinewy in appearance.
Frankly, she's gastly looking.

Please let it be known that myself and my husband are considering pursuing charges for reimbursement for the funds we had spent on the filthy girl.
Perhaps in the future you will be more forth coming about the children your trying to get adopted out.

MRS. Thornbrook

Over the next several years, the child Symae slowly grew, and having no family, friends or anyone to talk too, she slowly stopped talking to anyone.

Watching others from behind trees while they practiced their weapons such as swords, knives and alike, she slowly began to teach herself how to defend herself in case anyone attempted to touch her or attack her in any way.
Though she isn't good, she feels like she is slowly starting to learn how to handle herself in a fassion of sorts.

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