Singing/Performing (in pubs)

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Singing/Performing (in pubs)

#1 Post by lanyara » Sat Jan 30, 2010 11:30 pm

Two things I'd like to propose.

The first one is that right now it seems as if all pubs are treated
equally from the "money income" perspective, or in other words - it
only depends on your character's skills how much money she/he makes.

One problem with this approach may be that it ignores how frequently
visited pubs are, or are supposed to be. I could imagine that the pub
in Arborea has a larger audience than the pub in Cumberly or even more
exotic and less frequently visited areas. Thus you should earn more
money in those "rich" pubs - on average - while earning slightly less
in the smaller pubs.

The second thing is choir singing. From my limited amount of testing
and low choir skill, choir singing does not really seem to be worth the
"teaming effort" aspect at all (other than for RP reasons, really).

Right now a single char with lyre makes around ... 2 sc or a bit more.
Choir singing seems to range between 4 sc up to almost 7 sc perhaps
but that seems to be only slightly higher than individual singing of
two characters.

Is it worth training the choir skill? The normal voice skill seems to
have other advantages already (you can use the magical songs), I
think it will be pretty rare to see larger choir teams right now unless
it seems useful for something.

Oh, and "skill choir" lacks a description. Not sure about a proper
description though.
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