Great Drunken Stories

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Great Drunken Stories

#1 Post by Malleus » Tue Mar 08, 2011 6:30 pm

Rule: 1. Story has to be if you were drunk or if of someone elses drunken story.

So this happened to me about a week and a half ago.
One of my friends up at college is in a fraternity, so he invited us to this CEO's and Secretaries bash. So I decided to take a couple of my friends. Maria(aka unicorn), Jake, Ryan, and Maggie. So my friend Ryan and me were dancing with two girls and Jake comes up and hands us two beers a piece.
Jake: Have fun guys, bought 10 for 10!
Sweet, free beer for me!
Now that we had beer, we decided to hit up some beer pong. We signed up and had a while to go, so me, Maria, and Ryan were just chilling up against a wall waiting to play.
Then these two girls walked up to us. One blond, one black and they were attractive.
Blond girl to me: hey do you guys have any beer?
me thinking: this can turn out fun.
Me: Yeah i have a beer here. I will give it to you if you and your friend dance with us(me and ryan).
me thinking: this is harmless flirting, and i wouldn't give her a beer for free anyways...
Blond girl: Do you think we are prostitutes!?!?
me thinking: wtf....
me look at ryan, his face was: wtf....
me look at maria, her face was: wtf....
i look back at the blond girl
blond girl: rant rant rant men are chauvinistic pigs rant rant rant assholes
and then she pulls back her hand and slaps the eff outta my face...and storms off
me: shock
ryan: shock
maria: shock/wtf
Then we talk about how that girl was crazy...


Right after my beer pong game (btw i am beer pong master) the girl walks past us a couple times then comes and talks to me.
Blond girl to me: I am sorry. I become a raging feminist when I am drunk.

everyone: ....

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Re: Great Drunken Stories

#2 Post by Skragna » Tue Mar 08, 2011 7:14 pm

My friend Allan was shipping to Korea the next week, so all of us got together and had a party. About halfway through the party, we're all sitting in his uncle's garage, all trying some Everclear, right? Well, about a half-hour after that, another friend of ours is completely smashed, jumps onto Allan's uncle's EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE boat, grabs the rail, does a handstand (he's extremely athletic), and starts singing "I'm on a Boat!" Before falling down, breaking the seat. He pops back up, "I'm O-KAY!" Then falls back over, passed out drunk. Wakes up about ten minutes later, breaks out the Everclear again, and starts singing "Shots" as he played a drinking game with some of the other guys. Kid was MESSED UP kind of drunk, didn't remember a thing the next day until I showed him all the pictures and video I'd taken with his cellphone.

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