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Voting for GEAS - Facts you should know!

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2013 2:02 pm
by louis
HI folks,
as it turned out voting is a bit more complicated than assumed, I decided to write a little Howto. Please read it!

Howto to vote?
Voting is simple, just click on the vote buttons above and follow the instructions there. MC demands you to create anaccount, TMS does not. It is entirely up to you if you create an account on MC.

TMS - Voting Howto (Important!)
TMS allows you to vote once every 12 hours as you know, but be careful there - you need to make absolutely sure, that the 12 hours really have passed since your last voting! Otherwise, if you e.g vote after 11 hours 59 minutes, your vote is not counted at at all, but the 12 hours voting delay is set to zero, means, you then will have to wait another 12 hours until you can vote again (and your vote is lost). :mrgreen:

If you - like I did too - decide to vote every now and then at TMS, lets say every 4 hours or so, your vote never will be counted, and every time you vote the voting delay is restarted with 12 hours. So, you really need to make sure, that you only attempt to vote if you are sure, that 12 hours doublessly have passed.

Rewards for Voting
GEAS will not reward you for voting in any way - but you can be assured that we are thankful for every vote, and - if you help us to maintain a good reanking - your indirect reward might be an even better development of our playerbase.

TMS - Voting on multiple devices
Voting from multiple devices (only makes sense with different IP's), like from your computer and from your phone while being underway is accepted and also tolerated by TMS, they say that this not an unfair advantage anymore, because nearly everyone has e.g. a smartphone nowadays, and if your are dialt in, we will at least not become punished thatfor.

Anyhow, we don't encourage "multi device voting", we are glad and happy if you submit two votes a day with your computer if you can manage, please forget about additional devices.

Cheating of votings
We ask you to refrain from any attempt to cheat the votings. GEAS is playing absolutely fair, and we do not tolerate any unfair support by cheating votings! We admittedly like good rankings, but any attempt to cheat the votings by using open proxies or whatever technique will be punished when reported to us.

Additionally let me explain, that all efforts of cheating votings will so or so fail, all these attempts are easily to identify, and in the end GEAS will only be punished or even deleted from TMS.

Louis <3

Re: Voting for GEAS - Facts you should know!

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2013 4:22 pm
by Eluriel
Ah, crap. I sometimes forget when the last time I voted was, so I usually just click the vote link whenever I log onto the forums. So I've probably just been resetting my counter this whole time!

I kind of wish it was like TMC, where it tells you if you've already voted today. Then just not count the vote rather than resetting the timer.

Re: Voting for GEAS - Facts you should know!

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2013 11:36 pm
by Delia
I have a pretty solid voting strategy, once from my note during work and once from home should I use the computer.