Praise, and a question about armour

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Praise, and a question about armour

#1 Post by Pirut » Thu Dec 12, 2013 7:31 pm

So, first off, a little nifty detail that I noticed that's just fantastic:

Between two more or less evenly-matched opponents, skill-wise, combat seems to come down to a slogging match to see who's going to get tired first - and once one opponent is tired, they seem to get hit a LOT more frequently.

That's a seriously cool little detail that shows me that playing a fighter in this game isn't just a 'Sorry you couldn't get into/find the mages, have a consolation prize of being terrible.' situation.

My question has to do with armours and their resistance to specific weapon types.

IRL, one of the reasons most people used maces against heavily armored opponents was that while plate metal does a good job of deflecting or absorbing force across a narrow area - the edge or tip of a sword, for example - it doesn't do so as well if the force is applied across a broader area - like say the head of a mace, or a club, for instance.

I was wondering if this was coded into the game or not.

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Re: Praise, and a question about armour

#2 Post by Aturshus » Thu Dec 12, 2013 7:53 pm

I can't confirm that it is, but I'm pretty sure blunt weapons are more effective against armored foes. So probably yes.

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Re: Praise, and a question about armour

#3 Post by luminier » Fri Dec 13, 2013 2:36 am

A person who is skilled in light armours and deflecting is able to move quickly and dodge more attacks than someone wearing heavier armour. If a person in this situation gets hit there is a good chance they will be hit very hard or just die outright. If you are lucky you can deflect a heavy blow to be a less hard blow and that is why learning deflect and being able to deflect is important for light armour wearers. This armour is weak to every kind of weapon.

A person who is skilled in medium armours can usually move pretty quickly still and can take quite a bit more damage than someone who was wearing lighter armours. This armour type is still weak to every kind of weapon.

A person who is skilled in heavy armours trades mobility for a very good defence against slashing weapons and attacks. A heavy armour user is still susceptible to axes, thrusting attacks of any kind, and blunt weapons (spear,morning-star,club,etc). Heavy armour wearers cannot move as easily, get tired faster and cannot flickup if knocked down.

At the highest level of killmode melee combat, it almost -never- comes down to who gets tired first. Fights at the highest level usually last until someone gets mortally injured (usually a critical hit causing massive bloodloss and damage) and cannot continue to fight effectively. It is worth noting that the more injured/tired/drained you become the worse you fight.

One exception to this that I have experienced is when a human or similar race fights a tshahark. If the two are of equal skill, the tshahark usually wins everytime unless the human(or other race) uses a shield and then they can usually wittle the tshahark down with small blows.

Strength is a -huge- factor in killmode melee combat. This is because the more strength you have the more ability you have to end the fight immediately with a huge critical hit.

At the highest level of stunmode melee combat, it is more of a slugfest. Some fighters can even come back to win from deaths door, though it is rare.

Melee combat has a few additional factors like, missile attacks, special thief skills, using throwable potions, retreating and re-engaging, etc. Combat and tactics are quite deep in this game.

Unless you are fighting a cleric, then they just lock you in an area with the silly "trap miracle" and miracle you to death. :lol:
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Re: Praise, and a question about armour

#4 Post by Drayn » Fri Dec 13, 2013 10:30 am

Fear the Missionaries of Later Day Taniel! MWAHAHAHAHA!

Yeah, I don't think there is much more to add to what Luminier has said and poLuminier knows this stuff inside out. He's been shot so much that arrows are basically food for him now.

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