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Re: Karma spread

#41 Post by mazarmormuk » Thu Jul 17, 2014 2:12 pm

oh, just to add this and get off my real dislikes of the karma system
sorry about blasting the topic :-)

even those 4 gods that should fit the system are radically lumped together.

i mean taniel is the god of order and light, his arcenemy is
lillith (chaos,darkness),not sathonys (death, destruction)

Evren is the godess of life and creation with sathonys as arcenemy.

Currently evren and taniel both take order and life together in a pot and
their arcenemy is sathonys.

Lillith gets the position of being free wild for everyone without karma changes.
An evil lillith as it should be with karma consequences would even
turn sathonys clerics into blank goodies, not to talk of asralites.

It is maybe an anger left from the last years before we were "nailed" that
makes me hate that simple good-evil axis, but i still think the game loses a
lot of playable positions through its existance.

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