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Logs and more stuff

Posted: Thu Jun 19, 2014 1:47 am
by tanriel

This thread here is a stub for me discussing a little bit, primarily, and also to
link in to some various things, but especially much so, logs.

I added a few more logs July 2014.

For anyone who only wants to read logs (but these could be spoilers too) here the first link:

29 March 2010:


01 April 2010:

(2) ... Portal.log

08 May 2010:

(3) ... priest.log

01 May 2011:

(4) ... nished.log

If anyone wishes to put this onto the wiki, please feel free to do so! One day those links might no longer work and vanish. (The TWiki does not like me much and I don't like it much either; it's much easier to just ftp-upload via scripts for me, in a simple formatting, without having to register at the TWiki and manually upload to a style and format I can't stand ... I used to grow up playing MUDs with raw text, no fancy extra formatting of any kind!)

I also posted the remaining funny snippets I have had, so now I am out of it. New ones could only go in if I have the time to play.

I noticed that 'who' was changed so in principle I could continue to play, but I lack time due to reallife.

There also are a few things I would like to write in regards to 'who' in general, especially earlier discussion (why it "had" to be changed; the discussion, which is even years old, was completely wrong).

Anyway, I will upload more logs eventually, including Selaina's ball and some more PvP logs. I have 3 more PvP logs feature the trap miracle but these logs aren't old enough to be published.

There are some more logs that possibly can not be published, I do not know: two in particular with PO Tatiana, if the player reads this and wishes to have these logs, please drop me a message. (One log is basically about another character, and I don't think it would be right to publish that log without permission of that player, and of course I can't say who it is; the other log might be ok, but Tatiana speaks about IC stuff including her life, so I can't want to publish that either without PO Tatiana's permission, or even better, to send the log to the player, then the player can decide what to do).

I also have more logs involving other characters - I think PO Delia mentioned somewhere that mages might scare others, and I don't know if she referred to many characters but my character might have been scared; should that be the case, I think I have one log that the PO Delia might perhaps want to see, in that case also drop me a message please.

In general, should I have logs involving other characters, and should you wish to have them (and it is your character of course), then feel free to drop me a message.

I don't log everything but I should have a few logs, at least when it was a longer talk or one about diplomacy/politics or just general chit-chat. The other PvP logs I will slowly add, but give me several more days for the next one.

PO Tanriel

Edit: I will also publish some more non-PvP logs, like Selaina's ball. I am at line ~3000 or some such, this thing is huge ... and I can only work on the weekend on stuff like this, if at all, sorry.

Re: Logs and more stuff

Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2014 5:45 pm
by tanriel
I added three more logs now, about 6-8 more at least are still to come, including Selaina's ball. During the week I can barely do anything else but focus on work so I guess it will happen on next weekend or some other weekend to come. If for some reason I forgot to remove something from the logs, please let me know and I will modify when I login again (I login not more than perhaps once every 2-3 weeks, so my apologies if this takes long).

I have also added a technical comparison about the change to the 'who' mechanic in another thread.

There is still a note I have to write in regards to what is going wrong in the MUD from my point of view, especially much so an explanation of why the change to 'who' was a major mistake made to a game that is not understood by the key decision makers of the game. Even though it was changed again (but not restored), the problem is in the discussions used and brought forward, for all of them were absolutely and totally wrong.