being a dark elf: A report

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Re: being a dark elf: A report

#21 Post by Allurana » Mon Jun 22, 2015 6:51 am

Liranne wrote:I don't know if this character still plays but it was a refreshing break from auto-attacking since everyone and their cousin wanted to be a dark elf. Just like their are elves that drift neutral, why can't dark elves be like that? The lore is that they did evil stuff to gain their darkness. Has any one of them ever had any regrets?
I don't recall if it was mentioned in this discussion already, but some years back, darkelves went through a bit of an overhaul (largely through the implementation and influence of the Crusaders). Back then, it was quite common to see 'nice' darkelves everywhere, that got along with everyone and never caused trouble, and so forth. It was a problem from an RP point of view because darkelves are supposed to be evil/antagonistic rather than Drizzt-like, but few went that route, and there was no real consequence to being a darkelf, since everyone got along just fine with them.

A few things were changed to reinforce darkelves to start being evil instead of nice/neutral, Crusaders came along who made it their thing to hunt down any darkelves they could find, to introduce consequences and push darkelves more towards an outlaw niche. That's largely why neutral-drifting darkelves don't exist anymore. Given how they're created (won't mention details since it's an IC thing), there's not really wiggle room for them to be anything other than evil.

That being said though, just because one is evil doesn't mean they have to be psychopathic or serial killers, and there can be plenty of reasons for evil characters to be charismatic while still being evil (such as using people as tools or tricking someone into thinking that the evil is their friend or actually cares about their well-being), so I think lack of RP in that direction is not so much due to alignment as it is other things (such as the darkelf's personality, the pervasiveness of the good side, etc.).

As for regrets, it's possible, but turning into a darkelf has permanent repercussions (more things happen than just them becoming a darkelf), so they're kind of screwed if they decide they don't like it after all. Which is why the decision to become a darkelf should never be taken lightly.

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Re: being a dark elf: A report

#22 Post by luminier » Mon Jun 22, 2015 10:54 pm

At best Luminier has "tolerated" darkelves and they are constantly suspect and never trusted.

Though it is kinda fun when people are like "Come on Lumi, look at how nice Ganon is now? Surely he can't be a bad person anymore!" If they only knew!!! Oh well Ganon is just so tricksy.
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