Discussion: Interdependence

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Discussion: Interdependence

#1 Post by Olrane » Sun May 03, 2015 9:19 pm

I strongly feel that interdependence is a key to roleplay and a key to making players and factions feel relevant while they play. While everyone should have a measure of independence so that they can have satisfying solitary play sessions and are not constrained by others to simply function, high level content as well as routine roleplay of mature characters should demand interactions that pull on the resources of a variety of factions.

So, with that said, let's talk about what interdependencies are functioning in the game as it stands and which ones can be improved.

1. Do you think that there are any classes/factions that are TOO independent or TOO dependent?

2. What interdependencies do your character(s) engage in? Are these fulfilling?

3. If your role is not filling the needs/desires of others, what changes do you think could/should be made in order for what you provide to become relevant in the game?

4. What roles do you feel need the most work to become important to the other factions in the game world?

My goal is to help foster IC motivation for player to player interaction. What made me think of this, among other things, was the fatigue change: immediately I thought of how Skalds and Alchemists, magical support guilds, were significantly harmed by removing one more way that they served an important purpose in player to player interaction.

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Re: Discussion: Interdependence

#2 Post by luminier » Mon May 04, 2015 1:31 am

first of all, bravo for putting this into words for me. I knew something struck me as odd about some of the guilds. I figured "oh well, x guild just needs a buff to contend with y guild". But your suggestion provides a different kind of answer and a new way to explore the problem.

ill only speak about the crusaders because I feel like it would be inappropriate for me to comment on the other guilds, even if I do have a character or friend in every guild

1. Crusaders are a fairly independent guild. They have extremely high mobility (except tshaharks) and are generally exceptional warriors. if we have a taniel cleric backing us up we can be very hearty and very powerful. the effectiveness of lumi with a taniel cleric at his back is increased by many times. crusaders are like most melee guilds, have decent weapons and armour, nothing special. pretty effective by themselves but unless you are like luminier you get cut down pretty easily. if you don't have any idea how to build an effective crusader (most dont) they you are actually a fairly easy target and very dependent on help from others.

2. luminier ends up helping a lot of people just because he knows a lot about a lot. pretty fulfilling for me as a player because a lot of people want to get some good learning done. it's fun to talk to people, and kill mobs with them. and thats fun to me as a player and a crusader. probably why it's so easy for me to play luminier.

3. Crusaders probably fill their role well enough. I've recently started thinking (after speaking with a friend) that crusaders should be split up from taniel AND evren and taniel's join the clerics of taniel as a miltary division and evrenites join the druids/evren clergy as a fighting force for nature or something.

I don't think crusaders need to be changed to be made more or less relevant. perhaps the intel of the watchtowers is too powerful. brings all the guilds that are allied with the crusaders together too quickly.

4. rangers fulfill a weird role. they all try to be frontline fighters when that role is already done better by other guilds. a perfect ranger IMO should almost never be seen unless they choose to reveal themselves.

skalds are really cool. i would really love a troupe of 3 skalds in any group. that would be fun! even though seasons is way less useful.
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