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Asralites and Gwennies

Posted: Sat Jul 18, 2015 11:57 pm
by Arsicas
So, there's a bunch of Gwennites running around right now, and we've discussed a bit IC the relationship between Asralites and Gwennies. It's hard to really say we're enemies of Asralites cause, well, Gwen loves everyone. I think we've kind of settled that followers of each god just kind of look at followers of the other god as sad and deluded and we have our disagreements. It's been a bit hard to justify why we can't really associate with Asralites as far as teaming goes. Obviously, we shouldn't be fighting together, but... following one down the street, that's also bad apparently. And yet, we can stand in the market and talk.

Just curious what other people think as far as... does there need to be more conflict between us? Arsicas gets along just fine with Asraline, but as she says, she's not a super strict follower. Clerics obviously are going to have stronger opinions. But is it still okay to hang around with them in the market or watch them spar in the park? Or should there be more avoiding associating with them in general? And if we should pretty much shun each other... how do I justify it as a Gwennite? We're supposed to love even our enemies. Or should it be something like Gwennites running up to Asralites to love and forgive them and Asralites being all defensive and weirded out? :P

Re: Asralites and Gwennies

Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2015 12:34 am
by Olrane
It's a fun discussion. I think that the conflict between each is not really one of shunning, but more interactive. Each tries to seduce the opposite to more love or more war. It's a bit more subtle than a chaos/order or creation/destruction duality.

That's not to say that you can't be overt about it.

Re: Asralites and Gwennies

Posted: Mon Jul 20, 2015 1:10 am
by luminier
I don't know how the current Gwennites are, but, most in the past have been pretty loose followers of the goddess. One devout follower that comes to mind is Rudolpho. He would actively try to seduce, subvert and generally try to upheave the Asralites in pretty much any way. He would also even go as far to ally himself with enemies of Asralites in order to further undermine their efforts especially in Arborea.

One Asralite that comes to mind over the years that openly showed a clear dislike for Gwennites was Andreati. But even then it was just a strong dislike that fit her character, she didn't actively hunt them or anything (as was already said)

I feel like these days most Asralites don't see Gwennites as even a slight threat to their way of life so there isn't really much to worry about. Rudolpho was one elf that did and he was named an enemy. Pretty easy to deal with just a small outlier of a small faction. Why even acknowledge something like a Gwennite? Acknowledging it is giving the Gwennite movement credibility. Really it all is going to come down to some people are going to want to roleplay a friction between the two religions and some won't. Ignore the ones that don't care and have fun with the ones that do!

Re: Asralites and Gwennies

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2015 8:54 am
by Asraline
I do not know about the current situation but it has just happened something to me that might be of interest for this topic.

This morning I had a subject about Latin American Literature. Being more specific, we were studying the Spanish colonialism. And it seems that, during the Indians were just discovered, there were different opinions about how to bring Christianism to the New World.

Some said to bring the message peacefully and with love because that was the message of Christ and it should be brung as he did. But others, -seeing that the previous ones were mostly murdered by the natives-, decided that war would be necessary mean. But we already know what happened afterwards: lots and lots of ancient tribes were practically exterminated.

I find this nice because I think it features an aspect of Gwen that I have not seen touched very often - peace. A kind of love which does not -only- revolve in carnal senses but on a strong filanthropic ideal, the natural opposition to the eternal battlefield. The general feeling I get from the current Gwennite cult is that it focuses more on the 'carnal love' aspect (senses, lust, baccanals, etc.) and its good, but not enough if you want conflict with the Asrals. Asrals do not oppose to carnal love: they practically oppose whoever who tries to undermine their military campaign.

So, to answer your question, Arsicas - there should be more conflict between Gwens and Asrals? Do you have to avoid them? My answer is that you needn't to. Gwen loves everyone after all. But I also think that conflict between these two can be pretty colorful and, if you aimed that from the perspective of a Gwennite, thinking more about the 'peace' aspect would be a good start.

Hope it was useful somehow.

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Re: Asralites and Gwennies

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2015 1:20 pm
by Allurana
Gwen's kind of confusing deity because there's been different pulls from different groups. Some see her as a sort of hippy pacifist god, others see her as a carnal sex god, and so forth. From what I remember with the admins, the desired concept behind Gwen is that she would encompass all aspects of love- even the darker ones such as jealousy and obsession. Although Gwen followers would generally prefer peace and all that jazz, it wouldn't be beyond them to fight or kill out of love for those that they protect, or even indulge in revenge or cruelty towards lovers that have scorned or betrayed them.

At the very least, I think it would be important to stress that love isn't all about carnal indulgences. It can also include platonic love that one might extend to family or friends, or even just a loving appreciation towards things like nature. It feels like those sides of love are often overlooked though.

Gwen has also sometimes been considered a patron of the arts (music, dancing, so and forth).

Gwen has the potential to be a more complex deity, but most people like to focus on only one or two aspects (pacifism and lust being the two most common).