Geas Mapper Available

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Geas Mapper Available

#1 Post by Israfel » Wed Aug 01, 2018 9:23 am

Hi everyone

Great news! I've managed to put together a first functional version of a client-side mapper for Geas with the help of some excellent upgrades by Anglachel.

Screenshots and description below.

Things you probably want to know:
1. It runs on MUSHclient - totally free mud client, very powerful scripting functions,
2. The mapper works via GMCP/ATCP2 protocols. This means it's automatic and gets all its info from behind the scenes. If you've ever played any IRE muds or Aardwolf, it's like that.
3. Because of the GMCP nature of things, the mapper is very reliable and tidy in what it will map but you will need to log in to Geas on port 3334
4. This is an early version and I have big plans for making it fancy and nice. But for now it does the basics very well.
5. Yes I'd like to share it with you. Contact me through the forums and I'll be happy to set you up.

Screenshots and descriptions below.

Players will start off with a blank map file. Nothing will be mapper except their current room. But as they move around their starting city, the mapper will begin drawing rooms - solid lines to indicate places you've been, dotted lines to indicate places you know are there but haven't been to yet.
Here we are at Arborea park just hanging around. If we want to know some info about the room we can hover the mouse over one of the boxes. This ones shows the exit directions, the uid or room identifier, and the terrain type of that room (meadow).
Everything looks a bit dark though. So let's right click on our box and give that terrain a colour.
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Re: Geas Mapper Available

#2 Post by Israfel » Wed Aug 01, 2018 9:28 am

Once we select that we're presented with the MUSHclient colour picker filled with tons of options.
Let's select green for the meadow and then go ahead and colour all the others.
Very colourful now.

One of the things that is different with Geas on this mapper compared to other muds is the number of potential directions a room can have; up or down in any possible direction!

Honestly it's a challenge to represent visually and to code it properly. At the moment the current solution is to space the rooms slightly apart with a split line between the two. This is common both for up and down exits so you'll need to watch your exits.
All that said though it's a very functional map program and I am very willing to share it with others. If you do take on an early version though I'd appreciate receiving any bug reports you might have as I know there will be things to work out.

Contact me on the forums for now if you're interested.

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Re: Geas Mapper Available

#3 Post by Arsicas » Wed Aug 01, 2018 10:57 am

Cool. :) I've never used a mapper, but I'd be interested in giving it a try.

I wonder, does it have issues in areas that scramble the exits, like the swamp?
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Re: Geas Mapper Available

#4 Post by Amaleth » Wed Aug 01, 2018 11:19 am


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Re: Geas Mapper Available

#5 Post by Israfel » Wed Aug 01, 2018 5:48 pm

I actually haven't tested out the swamp but I expect it to not be a big issue, although it may cause an error in this version.

Something the mapper does now is ignore exits that are blank or unknown. This isn't all that common but occasionally you'll come across rooms where you get told there's an exit to the north for example, but the GMCP info behind the scenes will not tell you the destination.

In situations like that I've got it set up to simply ignore those exits and not map them. In the case of the swamp or scrambled exits, it should be straightforward to tell it to do similar if it doesn't already.

Another thing I'll mention is speedwalking...

With this script it's more like slow-walking. Instead of zipping around between rooms in a flash this mapper does two things to slow it down:
1. it will only move one room at a time (ie it will not queue the next movement until it sees you've successfully moved the first time)
2. there is a in-built delay it its movement of 1.8 seconds which is very close to what you'd get with 'follow road' or 'walk' commands on the MUD now

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Re: Geas Mapper Available

#6 Post by okkita » Mon Aug 06, 2018 10:38 am

Woah! Nice work!

May I suggest using the terrain type data sent by gmcp to autocolor the rooms and exits?

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Re: Geas Mapper Available

#7 Post by Israfel » Mon Aug 06, 2018 7:09 pm

Yeah, that's certain possible to do. I'd like to have it load with a default colour set but also give people the option of customising it their own way.

I'm thinking also to give players the ability to flag room types like shops, bars, tailors, trainers etc and have it colour the rooms based on those flags before checking the terrain. So if you flagged all the bank in Arborea as a "bank", you could have that room coloured in gold rather than its terrain type.

I need to get my head around some of the 'drawing' side of the mapper scripts to do some of this, but colouring the exit lines is another thing I'd like to do. For example, making it very obvious which exits are roads, doors, etc. At the moment it's not doing that.

More complicated still will be factoring that exit info into some of the movement functions. For example when going from point A to B, getting it to use the road wherever possible. Right now it treats them all equally and seems to prefer the diagonal exits for some reason which makes for a choppy ride.

Anyway, a few other things I have in mind:
- letting players assign 'map notes' to rooms to record reminders and notes of events (eg, if they discover a secret entrance, recording significant events in the room like "xyz died here on x day, y year", or things like "darkness ahead, lantern required"). When they enter that room again the can review any notes they've left.
- searchable bookmarks - eg show me all shops within 30 rooms, take me to the trading post.
- translating mapper prompts into something more IC - The mapper is a pretty powerful tool and I think it'd be cool to script some quirks to it to simulate character 'memory'. Things such as... not being able to search rooms beyond a 30 room radius because that's too far to recall precisely, when the mapper walks you from A to B it might occasionally pause for the character to think about the direction, when the room has notes that haven't been accessed in a while the character may need a few moments to remember them.
- better visuals for nu/neu/up/down exits
- concept of 'distance' between rooms - this would probably need an extra gmcp data set to describe exits in terms of their travel distance but it could give a really neat scale to the map. Right now rooms are all spaced apart equally, but with distance I could make the mapper draw "short" exits with short lines, "very long" exits with very long lines. If someone were to map the coast and main regions like that you would end up with a very nice 'zoomed out' picture of the continents :D

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