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Communication/Chat miniwindow

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Communication/Chat miniwindow

Postby Israfel » Sat Oct 13, 2018 6:41 pm

Hi friends

Another small update. I've modified a generic chat miniwindow plugin to capture speech in Geas - credit to Nick Gammon (MUSHclient) and Fiendish (Aardwolf) for 99% of the work on this one. This plugin takes all spoken communication and pastes it up top of your main output window in a scrollable miniwindow. It's really useful for things like scrolling back to double-check the wording of a quest or to keep track of a conversation when there's a lot of activity on your screen (eg combat or travel). Also helpful is you can copy the full log to clipboard so you could keep track of comms across log ins/outs.

Looks like this:

Comms log.JPG

First attempt at the triggers here. It should capture all sent and received say, tell, ask, whisper, shout messages. And I'm anticipating I'll need to put in a very generic capture for the huge variety of say-sounds in the game, but that's ok. Important to note this capture triggers on the font colour, not just the syntax of a line. Mine is set up as cyan text but that can be any colour you want really.

As always, drop me a message if interested.

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