druids - looking for spell movements

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druids - looking for spell movements

#1 Post by Allalltar » Sun Nov 10, 2019 7:31 am


In the recently started "project druids", I've come across needing a good deal of spell movements such as

<druid> draws a circle around himself using his wooden staff.

I am looking for several such simple and ritualistic gestures, using either hands, feet, speech, a sickle or a staff. Any such gestures you feel like contributing would be very welcome and would help me along with the workload.

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Re: druids - looking for spell movements

#2 Post by ferranifer » Mon Nov 11, 2019 8:18 am

I've always correlated druid rituals with shamanistic/native american dancing and perhaps african dancing. So lot's of stomping, heel stepping, bouncing up and down, extending arms, turning around the staff, puffing/contracting the chest,nodding and bending up and down.

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Re: druids - looking for spell movements

#3 Post by Kythaela » Mon Nov 11, 2019 9:26 pm

Well, this could really depend on the ritual your trying to cast.

Kythaela taps her forehead, shoulders and chest with her staff all the while chanting something in sirilith....
Kythaela spends her staff above her head...
Kythaela draws the ancient druidic symble on the ground with her sickle...
Clutching her staff to her chest, Kythaela...
Reaching her palms towards the sky, Kythaela...
With her arms outstretched...
Placing her palm on the trunk of the tree, Kythaela bows her head...
Kythaela slowly begins tapping her staff on the ground...
Kythaela lifts her sickle above her head before swiftly plunging it deep into the ground where it begins to resonate/vibrate etc...
Chanting in the sirilith speech, Kythaela's staff begins to glow with a bright light...
Wind and leaves begin to swirl around Kythaela as she lifts her palms towards the heavens...
Slamming her staff into the ground once...twice... three times...
Placing two fingers between her lips, Kythaela gives a silent whistle...

I don't know, just some random emotes?
Hard to really think of ideas without knowing what spell they might be conjuring lol.

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