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#1 Post by Kythaela » Fri Nov 15, 2019 3:24 am

Can someone perhaps give a better description of what Taniel's religion is meant to be roleplayed like?
It sounds like Catholic with bishops and such, but I've never been Catholic, and therefore would have no clue how a character is to play one little lone come across a true acting Taniel priest.
Do they just shun everyone who is not a Taniel follower?
Do they distrust folks?
Do they become like sidewalk preachers?
I understand they can heal, and kill undeads, that's all well and dandy, but it still doesn't explain the attitude itself.
The sermon they give is somewhat familiar because it appears to be taken from the actual bible, only a bit distorted due to fit Geas.
One part claims to say help your Taniel brother/sister, while the other part claims to basically crush anyone who is aginst you.
Its coming across like if your not with them, your aginst them. Is this true?
Tell me if I am wrong in potentially portraying a taniel priest...
Just from seeing Nuns around town, and on television, they always seem to be friendly and outgoing.
Always willing to help those in need.
They are kind and gentle and I've never seen/heard one ever being upset at the world.
Their path is to worship God, and they are serving him by helping the community.
Is that not what Taniel is like?
Yes, attack evil, slay orcs and goblins, remove the undeads of the world...
But working with your normal every day to day person, rather they are a taniel or not, one should be kind to them should they not?
Then there is the faction aginst Asral clerics.
This is also a bit confusing..
Asral I guess is neutral.
So, I could see from time to time the bucking of heads depending on what the Asrals are doing, but in the end, how do they act towards one another?
Do they not hunt together to potentially reach a current common goal?
The game really doesn't explain any of the religions.
It gives basic details of the religions, good, evil etc.
What god hates what god etc.
What it doesn't explain is the more in depth of the religion, what players expect to see when a taniel or asral cleric walks into a room, or when both of them cross paths.
Evil gods are basic self explainatory...
You cause death and distruction, raise undeads etc.
You search for power etc.
Yet, no one can just roll up a char and be allowed to rp a deathpriest.
Yes, huge disadvantages to becoming one.
I understand this.
Your hunted, and most of the world hates you.
I like this, and understand why newbies shouldn't play one until they know the game inside and out.
Thus basically my post is basically trying to learn about Taniel and Asral clerics.
Asral clerics are war priests, they apparently if I understand correctly do what they feel will serve Asral at the time.
Rather it be to be on the side of good, or perhaps not so good.
They keep things in balance I guess.
Perhaps I am completely wrong too lol.
Anyways, sorry for the long post.
Maybe someone can take this post, rip it apart and dummy it down for newbies who really want to understand how a religion is played and should represent their individual churches.

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Re: Religions

#2 Post by Arsicas » Fri Nov 15, 2019 1:35 pm

Taniel is on the extreme end of “good,” meaning that even people who are neutral are seen as somewhat “evil”—I believe there is a sin of indifference, meaning that if you aren’t fighting evil then you might as well be helping them. They, and I think most clerics generally, believe that their god is the “right” god, so Taniel followers are living as is intended, while others are heathens following the wrong path.

They do still try to help the needy and defend the innocent. And they certainly see themselves as good. I think their main goal is to keep law and order and protect the Tanielite way of life. Elvandar is the home of the Taniel church, and I would expect that most people from Elvandar worship Taniel, as he’s also the god of the elves. There’s historically been some conflict between Elvandar and Arborea and Taniels/Crusaders and Asrals, although things have been pretty quiet between them recently. I don’t imagine a Taniel cleric would react hostilely to an Asral cleric, but I think they have a general attitude of holier-than-thou. Taniels would be directly opposed to deathpriests and other evil people though.

I believe in the Taniel temple there is a book and some other things that might help to get more of a feel for their values. It seems by in-game things that they’re being pushed to be extremists, although for the sake of playability I think most players have toned it down a step. If you want to go totally extremist though, that would make for some conflict and interesting rp. Arsicas has had some heated conversation with the archbishop when he tried passing a law that infringed on Gwennites’ beliefs. ;)
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