Fantasy Pantheon

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Fantasy Pantheon

#1 Post by Melendil » Wed Dec 30, 2020 9:38 pm

OK, here's just something for giggles:

Compose a new pantheon of seven gods using characters from Geas (PCs or NPCs). They needn't be like for like replacements for the Geas gods. Feel free to speculate about races that worship them, what their clergy is like (if they have one), who their friends and foes amongst the pantheon are, what their holy symbol is, etc.

Go nuts :)

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Re: Fantasy Pantheon

#2 Post by Ioca » Thu Dec 31, 2020 3:16 pm

I love this idea! Okay, here's mine without really putting much thought into it. No offense intended! This all sounded funny in my head. ^^

Lae becomes Zhakrin. Nobody knows what the religion is actually about, or what its tenets are, but everyone involved in it is at least a little aware that they are following a "very neutral" god. There's a much stronger emphasis on studying rocks with Lae as the god, but literally nobody has any clue why.

Ananth becomes Lilith. The theme of chaos remains, but it's more orderly. The tenets are to "try everything, but stick with nothing!" Ananth's followers occasionally learn new skills and then forget them the next day just for fun. Ananth's sacrifice for his followers is to try a new guild if they've been in a different one for too long, or to follow a different god if they've followed him for more than a few weeks at once. (Sorry Ananth, I'm teasing you!)

Arsicas becomes Asral. Elves start worshipping him immediately! He endorses warfare, but only with the specific tactic of having everyone "hug it out" to eventually resolve the conflict. Although he's the god of war, he actually gets along with Gwen's replacement and they probably have tea together a lot. Arsicas's tenets are very vague, and his priests are always reluctant to interpret his will. Here's an example sermon for Arsicas:

"Throughout the years,"
"Arsicas has provided steady comfort as our deity."
"We can sense him smiling upon us when we do good things."
"We can sense him smiling upon us when we do okay things."
"We can sense him looking away when we do bad things."
"We know that he is a very busy god,"
"and a very talented god..."
"And we respect that."
"The sermon is over. Please immediately leave."
The priest turns away and stares toward the exit.

Arielle becomes Gwen. The priestess is immediately given a promotion (I don't know why) and is equipped with new pink and purple leather armour and clothing, but also she has a bow. Arielle's priestess becomes cupid and shoots everyone who enters the temple with Love Arrows. They cause significant bleeding but immediately infect you with the affects of the golden fruit, whether you're friend or foe. "She forgives all sins, but it's kind of dangerous to worship her."

Ila becomes Evren. Everyone is mildly scared of worshipping her but they respect her for constantly creating new kinds of golems and elementals. The world is plagued with roving bands of fire elementals and other magical creatures that she's created, and they're all considered "sacred" and it's probably blasphemy to attack them. You just have to let them come in and burn whatever they want, and hope that they move on. Ila's followers often pray for rain so that all the ash can help grow new crops and trees to replace the ones that get burned.

Srikathuul becomes Sathonys. Pretty much all the tshaharks start worshipping him right away, and his priests routinely hand out free mithril broadswords and sacred artifacts! The emphasis is on "getting more powerful" through whatever means are necessary. He's lenient sometimes, but his followers mostly consider elves and halflings and the "other" races to be equivilent to goblins and orcs for training purposes.

Zehren becomes Taniel. A new age of law is ushered in. Lawyers start becoming a popular profession because there is a need for people to interpret all the little details in the new rules. There are just billions of new laws. Billions! Nobody really knows them all, but he's found a way to tax everyone who doesn't worship him, so the religion mostly becomes about paying and collecting taxes.
Zehren's priests give sermons in the temples and markets often, and the sermons never actually end. Nobody is allowed to "leave" the sermons - the followers are expected to just take brief breaks to do things like eat lunch or to "live life a little bit" before returning!

Edit: Added another funny thing to Ananth's because it made me giggle

Edit #2: Added an example sermon for Arsicas ^^ And more about the religion of Zehren!
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Re: Fantasy Pantheon

#3 Post by Laewyloth » Thu Dec 31, 2020 3:51 pm

  • A schism in Evrenite and Gwennite faith leads to Aisa becoming the Goddess of Berries, Cute Animals, and Weather. Her primary followers in Forostar and 'beyond' are the beastial creations such as sphinxes, satyrs, nibblers, gnolls, and most cats and dogs. She can often be found lounging about in heavily wooded, idyllic locations, atop a pile of cushions where she languidly and dreamily eats berry after berry. Nobody -really- knows how to become one of her followers, and any attempts to actively -find- the faith of Aisa-ism ends up in confusion and wandering into an active volcano. Instead, her followers just sort of...realize they can see her, and hear her. Once per year, she invents a new berry to delight Forostar's denizens with: Forostar is now 80% covered in invasive species of berry bushes/trees/plants. She also makes sure that the wind and the weather ALWAYS, and ONLY, comes in 'from the east', inexplicably - despite where people might be. There is no westernly wind, or breeze. It is always. From. The. East.
  • Ila finally becomes the patron goddess of 'magic', but doesn't actually *do* anything except study -more- magic. The 'holy' creatures of each current, major religion (divas, demons, thuraches, etc.) all pledge fealty to her, but her only command is "Do stuff.", so they do stuff. They toil, endlessly, trying to create new 'things'. War breaks out amidst her followers, and an irritated Ila sets them all on fire, then starts over. Forostar is now fully, and utterly accepting of 'reincarnation' being under Ila's purview, and that any soul who dies and is reborn in a new body "Must have failed pretty hard."
  • Lillith and Sathonys realize that to be -truly- evil, they have to give 'birth' to a new cosmic entity. Arielle volunteers, to save Forostar, to bear the child - but ends up being 'too sweet', so the evil 'spawn' actually becomes a -really- confused, and slightly 'emo' goddess who is torn between serving the evil ends of her parents, and just wanting to eat cheesecake and have fun. She eventually sways most Elves in Elvandar to her church, and long, straightened hair becomes a hot fashion. A -lot- of sad poetry gets written, and a -lot- of tea gets drunk. Everyone pretty much lives happily though, and just 'put on a show' to be slightly depressed!
  • The rest of the pantheon sort of 'hate' all these new gods and goddesses coming about and end up 'combining' their strengths: Asral giving brute strength, Gwen giving passion, Zhakrin giving knowledge, and Taniel giving mental strength. The resulting entity realizes each 'part' of itself can't stand the other parts, and ends up eternally at war with itself: One arm attacking the other arm, a leg suddenly refusing to work, etc. Forostar's previous religions are now based on body parts: I.e. there's head-ism, 'left-foot'ism, etc. Everyone is utterly confused and just sort up.

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