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#1 Post by Melendil » Fri Jan 01, 2021 6:17 pm

Does anyone ever try to get some geas slang going? Any successes? Here are a few I've thought of:

"Colder than Lilith's tits!" Very cold indeed.
"Leafy!" esp. Evrenites: something that is full of live, lively, or otherwise pleasantly exciting. As in "That party got totally leafy towards the end!" "How are you today?" "I'm leafy, thanks!"
"Apple bite" Gwenite, a first experience, especially a first kiss or love at first sight (also "Apple bitten")
"Stone" Dwarven: something reliable, traditional, or honest. "You can trust him, he's totally stone."
"Brick" Dwarven: something fickle, faddish, or dishonest. "Bah, crossbows are total brick, hammers are a true weapon."
"Pockets deeper than a halflings arm": Someone who goes to extraordinary lengths to secure their belongings. Sometimes refers to a person who is loathe to spend money or give gifts.

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