Not roleplaying wars

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Not roleplaying wars

#1 Post by Ioca » Sun Jan 03, 2021 4:21 pm

Hey! So, this another little rant.

If a guild declares a war on someone, please expect that person to actually roleplay the war and exact revenge. It's a big deal to have a guild declare you an enemy. I consider it metagaming to -not- roleplay it out or to simply ignore it.

Every action should have consequences. If a guild declares a war on a very strong character, they should _expect_ to be hunted. These things can't just be frivolous - the crusaders shouldn't just get to declare a war, and then giggle that their watchtowers are shooting people, but then get actually upset when that person goes and kills a bunch of crusaders in retaliation.

As an aside, but relatedly, I think it is incredibly poor behavior to declare a war without any roleplay involved whatsoever, as well. As an example, a war was recently declared on my character by a guild, and my character is actually friends with most of the people in that guild. Nobody will give an explanation about what the war is regarding, and the leader of the guild refuses to so much as respond to a mail or talk through gtells. However, and returning to my original little rant, the other characters in that guild are now suffering because I am actively hunting them - and nobody actually seems to know what's even going on.

From my end there, it's just that I feel obligated to actually roleplay the war that was declared on me, although I (and my character, of course) are boggled about what in the world it was declared for.

Also - in all this kind of stuff, I feel like there should be an "out." In the above example, my character is begging for peace, but it falls on deaf ears. I think there should _always_ be a way to resolve a conflict. You can't have these perpetual problems where a leader who barely plays the game declares a war, and then doesn't give any way whatsoever to resolve it or end it, despite seemingly both sides wanting an end to it.

End of rant!

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Re: Not roleplaying wars

#2 Post by Delia » Mon Jan 04, 2021 1:43 am

As a shao leader in the past, there were wars with Taniels, Crusaders and Asrals. I never killed anyone though and I merely gave a few smacks and slipped away. Actually killing someone would have solidified their cause and made me evil. Not roleplaying wars is not fine, yes, but killing is not the only option either. Usually it is one of the worst ones if one does not want war.
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