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Transparency for changes and mechanisms

Posted: Mon Feb 08, 2021 8:43 am
by Delia
Geas is great and provides a lot of fun(atleast for me)and I can still feel the pull even coming back after a long break. There is one thing that I think though, something that creeps into my thoughts during discussions with other players. Transparency, mainly the glaring lack of it.

"Recently added features" here on the forum is great but it often feels lesson than sufficient. Same topics surface with new players again and again over time. Simple stuff one could quickly look up from a rulebook in a tabletop game. So...

1) Help and skill files could be expanded a bit to cover some basic mechanisms. If a "club" type weapon performs better against some type of armour, it could just say so under "skill clubs". Same with armours and with everything else. I am not saying players should have an unrestrained peek under the skirt but more simple information could be easily available.

2 Geas could use better changelogs. Sometimes things just feel different and you have no idea if there has been a change or is it just rng. Some mechanisms are rather arcane to players and deciphering them relies on developing a "feel". If things suddenly change, a simple " X has been changed a bit" could suffice on the guild news or guild OOC board. Naturally, players always appreciate bit more information.

Hope you give this some thought! The amount of tinfoil the older players have accrued over their heads can be massive at times. Something like this might help in that regard.

Anyways, hoping more fun Geas days. It is still a nice game you folks have made!

Re: Transparency for changes and mechanisms

Posted: Mon Feb 08, 2021 6:07 pm
by ferranifer
I agree.

I've suggested in the past that wizards be able to flag reports as public (for all to see), if the report does not include spoilers. I feel that a LOT of changes from reports are implemented and never spoken or known about except to the person that made the report.

This is why initiatives like the FAQish thread started, to share info that everyone should have.

Re: Transparency for changes and mechanisms

Posted: Mon Feb 08, 2021 7:26 pm
by Brand
That would be a cool option, lookup all the resolved reports to see what was changed. Take a little effort and research to cull through the various reports, but better than 'What change? What just happened? Has it Always been this way?"

I like it.