A classless MUD?

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A classless MUD?

#1 Post by Lauriert » Thu Apr 15, 2021 5:45 pm

So I'm going to to make this intro short instead of overanalyzing it because I want this to be more discussed. Anyways, the game is technically classless, as you're not bound to a single class and the abilities that come with it. However, the progression of the game generally pushes any given player into a guild. Guilds can almost be considered joining a class, except it's possible to leave at dire consequences, and they tend to facilitate a certain type of build. Guilds come with a variety of benefits, with no mechanical drawbacks to speak of except for the mages. I.E., there is no benefit to staying guildless, as nearly everyone is aware and has told me. Joining a guild is an objectively better choice than not joining a guild. The drawbacks to being guilded are usually associated with roleplay. Which is fine until consideration is made to how many characters are made for the express purpose of joining a guild and reaping mechanical benefits.

I'm not asking for something specific to be changed. I just feel that the game can feel very cut and dry for being a "classless" system.

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Re: A classless MUD?

#2 Post by Delia » Sat Apr 17, 2021 8:06 am

I do not think Geas is truly classless either. Geas has a very flexible system and it was much more flexible in the past when you could basically learn any skill without being in a guild. Many small decisions have pushed Geas towards to being a mud with character classes but in reality Geas flirts a bit with both but does not truly commit.

Some systems are also made to conform more closely to a class-based format like some thief stuff. Some class-based decisions make a good deal of sense like miracles from gods. Some guild stuff is protected by guildlocking promotions.

You can guildhop a bit and land as guildless but staying as guildless from the start is inadvisable. Even if a guild did not offer any special powers, they always offer friends to play with which is the ultimate resource and most OP power one can have in PvP.
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