Skill gain rate

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Skill gain rate

#1 Post by isengoo » Sat Aug 07, 2021 10:02 am


"Recently" there was an increase in skill gain rate up until 60. I think this rate increase should extend to maximum.

Let us be honest, it is 2021. Very, very few people have the time or interest to play long enough to increase skills to maximum.

With the rate increase, I think most people will still not get to maximum, but they will get to strong enough where they will be able to participate in more content and feel validated for their time investment.


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Re: Skill gain rate

#2 Post by IamEz » Sat Aug 07, 2021 3:49 pm

I actually agree with this. In the old days, it was explained that the reason grinding was so hard was because players were supposed to focus on rp, and if they actually spent a lot of time grinding, that was considered a failure of the system. However, the wizzes neglected to account for player psychology to the extent that if something is hard, that's what players want to focus on so they get bragging rights. Also, in many cases it's difficult to rp until your char is a certain power level to back up their claims. I'm pretty sure "let's lock rp behind a skill wall" was NOT part of the original vision for the MUD. In all actuality, all slow grinding accomplishes is making people want to rp *less* because every hour they sit around talking to that other guy is an hour their skills are degrading because they're not doing anything "useful".

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