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The predicament

Posted: Fri Oct 22, 2021 9:23 pm
by Xog
As he walked away from speaking with one of the Shao masters, he never felt more confused.
This red scaled tshahark thought he was on the right path for his life, but now?
As he walked down the road, he couldn't help but replaying some words spoken to him over in his mind.
What is balance? World? People? Community?
Also, must learn the common tongue?
Shaking his head slightly, learning to speak the common tongue was going to be hard.
He knew he wasn't smart.
All he knew how to do was fight.
In the heat of battle, his mind was the most clear.

Finding himself at a hidden clearing, he sat down under the tree, facing an old altar, still thinking about the recent conversation.

What balance is? Who ask can? What mean is?

Frowning, for the first time that he could recall, he wished he had a family.
Waking up in a strange cave, with nothing but a low torch for light, all he ever wanted was to kill humans for...
For what? making tshaharks?
Yes, that's it... Stupid humans, is no understand magic, and play with it does. No not how to turn tshaharks back does.

Sighing, he knew that killing humans now probably would be useless.
Humans of today wern't humans of past was.
Yet, humans of today still hated him.
Called him frog, spit at him and more.

He wanted to change, he didn't like this anger, he wanted to be normal. He wanted...
Wanted to protect. Yes, he big is, strong is, can help can...

Shrugging, and looking around the clearing, he tried to think of how he could learn.
How to learn common tongue is.
Then it came to him...
He never walked into it, but seen building with lots of books.
Elf inside can teach common can, or tell him who can teach common can.
Maybe talk about balance too can.

Standing up and looking at the altar, he said aloud, "no train body now is. Now is time train head is.
Is train hard will and come back in long time when can speak common tongue will.
Will be smart will.
Will talk to shao master then will."

Growling, he stepped through the bushes once more, this time with a lighter step.
Perhaps this good idea is.