RP'ing an evil char

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RP'ing an evil char

#1 Post by Kortha » Sat Jun 25, 2005 2:53 pm

Yet another topic I've seen discussed a lot, but usually without any results since there weren't many evil chars around to discuss it heh.

I'm of the opinion that we not only need more evil chars, we need more variety of them. We have a ton of variety of good chars, from the "wouldn't hurt a fly" type to the "inquisitor" type (which I don't consider particularly "good", but that's a topic for another thread), but it seems the only evil type we have is "it's alive, let's kill it".

I personally would like to see more betrayal, more chars that seem to be doing relatively good things but for evil reasons, more "does the end justify the means" type things, and so on. I want to see evil chars that are perfectly happy to sit there talking to you, and you only gradually discover what monstrosities they're capable of, instead of having it be obvious from the very beginning.

Let the discussion begin!
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#2 Post by tessa » Sat Jun 25, 2005 3:11 pm

There are actually more of them around than you think. :p

But they aren't public about it, because after all, no one is going to trust them if they know the person is a betrayer.

Tess is friends with generally everyone, so I've been able to take note of the peaceful good people, violent good people, sneaky evil people, obvious evil people, etc.

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#3 Post by stilgar » Sat Jun 25, 2005 4:02 pm

Well, as soon as more playground will be coded for them (so not only PvP option left for them, but layman guilds and other fun to retreat after got kicked a lot by crussies :evil: ) more of them will appear. I think most that already tried to play a more or less evil char knows what I'm speaking of. In this question no one can say: first playerbase then we code it.... if crussies are rp-d well they will be kicked a lot.. and nowhere to recover at the moment

Now the only chance: grow strong, powergame like hell, then turn evil.. or suffer, or just do not be evil in public.. as most do it now

Of course this is only my personal opinion :wink:
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#4 Post by jezz » Sun Jun 26, 2005 8:53 am

Agree with Raptor.

Right now, if you want to be evil, you have to be damned strong, know Geas world nearly perfectly and also have a high knowledge of pvp, or else you'll end beeing killed again and again.

Not to mention you have the feeling that beeing evil you lose access to 20% of Geas options (guilds, zones, cities, custom...)

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#5 Post by Allalltar » Thu Jun 30, 2005 2:40 pm

Ok, here go my 2 cc as well:

i think if you want to start a new evil character... you need to hide a while. Pretend to be good, be friendly, avoid taniel clerics. It's possible to make that, i know it. It's just a while of patience... and the sneaky bad ones are the most nastiest i think. Imagine someone who is friendly, helps you out and such, smiles and you... and a day after you find yourself with a sword through your back, from an unknown person... from behind. Never you would guess that this one was the one who helped you the other day...

In a small conclusion, i think a mud needs both parts, the _real_ evil and the sneaky evil guys. And i think we have both, so beware your backs!

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#6 Post by valder » Thu Jun 30, 2005 4:04 pm

How would I play an evil character?

To paraphrase Jules in Pulp Fiction "Playing an evil character might taste like pumpkin pie, but I'd never know, 'cause I won't play the filthy @$%*."
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#7 Post by ferranifer » Fri Aug 12, 2005 12:57 pm

Hello, Evil Inside talking,

I think I could say I have a lot of experience playing an evil character.

I don't.

Actually, I think I know most of the faces of evil present in Geas. And I must say that it's really harsh and hard to play a trully evil character in this game. I won't get into the burden of explaining what evilness is, but I think that, taking a look at Geas and the vast majority of social games out there, evilness can be simplified as extreme greediness. The game supports greediness well. Or, better, it supports well a lot of people trying to be greedy over the same things at the same time. But it doesn't support "spikes" of greedines of one or two individuals. They are out of the norm of the population, therefore, get rapidly shuned by everyone and not supported by the code (which should look forward the happiness and enjoyment of the majority). It's not worth wizard's time to code things for one player. Psycopath behaviours do not add to the wellfare of the game in general. Only getting a group of people big enough to be noticable would actually justify the existance of those behaviours. We do not have a group of people big enough as a whole to support that subgroup.

With all this been said, I can count with the fingers of a toad's hand the trully good characters in Geas. nearly everyone I've known has personnal agendas, which, most often than not, were actually pretty nasty.

How to play an evil character in Geas?

Don't do it.

Have goals that could fit in a community, and work to achieve them. The path to get them, due to the environment, will force you to "do evil".

I play villains. Not evil. Wether I do it well or fail miserably is another thing.

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#8 Post by Alamar » Sun Jan 14, 2007 12:16 pm

I'd like to add onto this old post... it is a good one and I want to revitalize it since there are now several new evil characters (and good guys to kill them). Definitely get used to all of those things said above... you will die... and die and die... but you will also kill and one kill is worth three deaths in my opinion.

As far as roleplaying goes... monumental evil is ever-present in any fantasy world, but a truly "evil" person will not last long for the most part. One still has to speak respectfully to one's superiors (or the Dreadmaster will simply destroy you), must treat fallen enemies with respect (most of the time), must obey certain rules of society (or get banned from Asador). In short... "evil" characters must still obey most all of the rules that the good guys do.

Sauron was a balrog so he could get away with acting like he did. Unless you have a balrog character, you will likely have to learn a little humility in dealing with other characters (especially Jezz... he is pretty quick to knock some sense into your head if you act like an idiot).

Just remember... you do not suddenly become instilled with the power of darkness... a transformation to the "evil" side is a slow and gradual corruption of one's former values until eventually you wake up and discover that you are a new person... some might consider you "evil" but you know the truth... you simply have a different point of view.


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#9 Post by jezz » Sun Jan 14, 2007 2:46 pm

I think one of the problems with people being evil is their approach to evilness. Everyone wanting to become evil suddenly thinks they need to slaughter everyone around and beeing as creepiest as possible, and I think that's not right.

True that I picked that path, but the people that know Jezz since his giggling asralite shaolin know this has not been a change from one day to another. Becoming a half-undead, creepy, skinny cleric of Death is not something you can become in a day.

Most people stop playing evil chars soon because they think they will never be able to be "Saurons". And I think there are lots of ways to be evil, from the plotting spy that smiles at your face and spits at your back to the warrior that uses other travelers around to show him fighting techinques with the only goal of killing them afterwards to the thief that steals everything at their range. Those are "soft" evil approaches that won't get you into a hunting game against the whole MUD. And I think this way more people could gradually turn into the so mentioned "Saurons"

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#10 Post by adanath » Tue Jan 16, 2007 12:28 pm

I have played almost solely evil characters in every mud I have played save this one. It is how it should be across the board however, roleplay wise it is harder to be an evil character and should, because realistically everyone isn't dying to be evil. In muyds many times it turns this way because people forget they are roleplaying and end up being in evil situations. However, this is a large consequence of roleplay. Evil characters have many advantages and disadvantages, but one of the advantages isn't of course as free of a reign everywhere as good characters..becaues well they are evil, and people roleplay wise at least shouldn't like evil characters unless the morality is so warped that evil becomes some form of good

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