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#21 Post by jezz » Tue May 09, 2006 7:22 pm

I'd rather code a way to punish players that don't act as the god would want them to, and leave the benefits purely icly to be rped, although we'd need something to make cleric support a bit better.

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#22 Post by Jenna » Sat Dec 02, 2006 10:23 am

This is a bit old, but it applies somewhat to the topic of the thread.

Since I brought Jenna back, she's been a lot more skeptical about the whole 'gods' thing, especially in view of the few displays of other forms of magic she's seen; at this point, she could really go after any of them.

She 'worships' Asral largely because at the moment he's the only deity who has anything she's remotely interested in - and because she spends a decent amount of time around his followers.

Because of her few experiences with non-God magic (yes, I know, IC it's not 'magic', it's 'miracles', but OOC it's magic, albeit divine magic, and to someone who knows nothing about using it IC the differences aren't as pronounced as one might think), she honestly believes at this point that the 'miracles' are just followers of their God deceiving themselves about the source of their powers.

See? Right there, I've given an example of an agnostic (and somewhat atheistic) character that still works in Geas' atmosphere, and that is sustainable pretty much indefinitely. Will she maintain this pose? Barring some kind of life-changing experience (which I would be VERY interested in having her have - having a character disinterested in the major conflict of the game isn't as much fun as some people would have you believe) yes, she will remain exactly like that indefinitely.

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#23 Post by chara » Sat Dec 02, 2006 5:56 pm

What types of non-miracle magic are you referring to?

It is of course possible to roleplay someone who ignores the evidence right in front of their eyes in order to believe something completely different. Even in real life that happens, just consider people who deny evolution or believe that modern medicine is a sham. If you played your character to ignore the god that she worships, she would even sense the gods' displeasure for herself as she was punished for frequent switches and had a harder time receiving the benefits of miracles. Basically, she will be in serious denial about the nature of reality around her, but some people are that way. If you consider the problems that a person in the real world would have if they deny science works, then you can imagine the problems that your character will face in Geas.

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