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#1 Post by Delia » Wed Jul 25, 2007 5:59 am

For all of you who haven't noticed...a small reminder.

"Help time" features a handy table from which you can easily see how RL time translates into Geas time.

See also "help mudtime" and "help realtime"

I made this post because I'm always terribly unsure if players players mean IC time or not, when speaking about time and planning to meet. My quirky mind might be mostly at fault here, but please check those topics and refrain in speaking about RL time when speaking IC. Thanks!
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#2 Post by Delmon » Wed Jul 25, 2007 6:08 pm

Would it be a problem to say something like this?

I'll be back in around 6 hours (ooc 1 hour)

Cause it can be confusing as you said to know what people are talking about... real time or geas time.

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#3 Post by tessa » Wed Jul 25, 2007 8:45 pm

It'd be less confusing if everyone would just use IC time ICly, and OOC time OOCly. As long as people try to mix ooc time in IC says and things, it'll always be confusing as to which someone means.

If worse comes to worse, I'd say use IC time IC, and just mention OOC time OOCly if you want to be clear. maybe it's a bit extra work than a "say I'll be back in @1 hour", it'll help organize using ooc time only oocly.

Maybe a 'time calculator' would help encourage this, too. For instance, we have a real date/mud date system, it'd be nice to have something similar with general time (there is a time table in help time, but something more precise might be nice).

For instance:

ictime 6 hours
6 hours in game time is 1 hour in real time.

ooctime 1 hour
1 hour in real time is 6 hours in game time.

It might help encourage people to give the mud more RP environment by using IC times instead of just doing the @<ooc time> in IC commands and such.

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