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Becoming a Wizard - FAQ

Posted: Mon Jun 16, 2008 7:06 am
by chara
What Do I Need to Become a Wizard?
If you want to become a wizard on Geas, you need:
  • * Some experience with the game.
    * Some grasp of the English language.
    * Some knowledge of basic coding principles (not required)
Coding for Geas can be extremely basic, and can easily be taught by our current wizards. If you have a minimal ability to express yourself in English but coding experience (or the desire to learn) you can be a wizard! If you have no coding experience at all but a rich imagination, you can be a wizard! If you can code and write, yippee! We'll do a gleeful happy-dance of joy. Why the heck aren't you already a wizard?!

What If I Get Busy/Have to Study/Go on Vacation?
Unfortunately, real life happens to everyone. If you need to take a break from coding, we'll understand.

Does Being a Wizard Spoil the Game?
No. There are some guidelines you have to follow to make sure that your wizard does not give your mortal an unfair advantage. But at the beginning, you'll be limited in the amount of code you can access. You won't suddenly know all of the cool aspects of Geas once you become a wiz.

Are There Any Advantages of Being a Wizard?
Aside from being able to put great new things into the game, and the unadulterated praise and appreciation of players (*cough*), there is also a neverending party in Abharsair's workroom. Free virtual drinks for all!

Any other questions? Ask Chara, the Recruitment Wiz.

Re: Becoming a Wizard - FAQ

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2009 4:52 am
by anglachel
Because there are much spam on the offical email-adresses, it is possible that an application is lost in the deeps of the email-filters.
So always use a good 'subject' so it can easy differ from the 'possible-spam' mails that rush in the accounts.
And if you get no answer it doesnot say that the donot like you, only that noone noticed the appilcation. (I already mention there is much spam)
So try again with a changed text, or try to reach a Admin directly in the mud.

Becoming a Wizard

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2016 1:33 pm
by anglachel
We still on the search for new wizards,.
There is much work to do and to few to make them.
But do not underrate the work and the consequence for your char.
The work is hard and sometimes only ingratitude is the pay.
But if you interest we can try.

Doing work for Geas

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2016 1:41 pm
by anglachel
If you think the job as wizard is to hard and annoying for you, it still possible to help a bit.
If you are good in English you can make descriptions for areas and objects.
All ideas are also welcome to improve Geas. These means ideas for areas, quest and features.
This must be not big things. A good idea for a mini quest (one room or single command quest)
for a existing areas is valuable too.

But before you make big efforts! Contact the Admin before and tell a short words want you want to do.
So it is possible to settle if it is possible to implement your idea. We want to avoid that you make
many description that are not needed at time, or detailed ideas we are not able to put in the game.